There is some things that you do not toy with! I happen to be one of them.


bio to be updated:

Things to know about Sithis, the first is that after his dark voyage he found that making a plan for anything that could go wrong would not only help him for servival but help the capt. at the same time. The second is that these plans are WTF!
That first voyege was something that made me think what did i not plan for, zombies eating his friends, satures talking to others….. and then killing them! flaming babies that explode with cotten candy that makes you too sticky. after that voyege I have made the perfect anti-WTF warp travel kit, this kit include some of the following.
1. a ball of string or something to mark you trip through out the ship (when shit hit the fan).
2. one laspistol, one hellpistol, and 4 combat servs… (when shit hit the fan)
3. one coco bar for when shit really hitts the fan.
4. room for something to add when something else happens! (when shit hit the fan)


The Maiden Voyage Ikiatosh