The Maiden Voyage

Maintenance Log Supplement 016

I've Had Enough of Your Disingenuous Assertions

Inquisitor found his survival of the Tomb World most suspicious; naturally, assumed corruption in those responsible for his deliverance. Enginseer Prime taken into Deathwatch custody upon reaching the surface. Relieved of equipment & mechadendrites, and dumped into brig.

Dispatched Calpurnia to Confessor Mordechiai once detainment was obvious. If nothing else, hoped data about xenos menace might find better use than in some Inquisition vault. Inquisitor likely noted the significance of her presence; perhaps hoping for such opportunities as eventually developed. Confessor and Master-at-Arms briefly questioned en route to Hammer Of Redemption; Confessor’s incipient canonization seems to offer him some protection from reprisals. Living saints prove quite useful to know.

First visitor to brig was Brother Palladius. Previously well aware of artifact’s influence, he soon betrayed unhealthy interest in further xenos contact. Demanded to know current location of artifact; explained his intent to use xenos military or technology to elevate Mars to independent sovereignty. Another corrupted lunatic, rationalizing his heresies with false selflessness. Palladius so far gone as to implicate himself in front of a fully augmented Tech-Priest. Transmitted vid-data of conversation to Calpurnia, & in turn to Confessor.

Inquisitor received news of Palladius’ corruption with little surprise; previous history of tech-heresy lent credence to accusations. Further planning interrupted by Palladius’ activity; signals indicated activation of numerous necron lifeforms on board.

Deathwatch force on board quite capable of dealing with necron incursion, despite Palladius’ use of xenos reconstruction device to reinforce his losses. With heretek properly & thoroughly executed, Hammer Of Redemption laid course for Port Wander with large supply of xenos fragments.

Inquisitor received data on xenos fleet’s vector with great distress. Course & velocity such to bring them to Terra system within months; much faster than travel through Warp would allow us to follow. Inquisitor has some alternate scheme, involving Eldar assistance with some form of interstellar travel technology they possess. No doubt their price for such favors will be exorbitant; can only hope it falls to the likes of Inquisitor to pay it.



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