The Maiden Voyage

Maintenance Log Supplement 011

Fuck You, I’m the Tech-Priest

Navigator Sithis requested presence of Enginseer Prime, made proposition of highly questionable and possibly compromising nature. Will consider at leisure. Master-at-Arms Vorn made proposition regarding rare weapon of uncertain origin, to which Capt. Strasser assented. Know not where Vorn would obtain knowledge of such items in the first place; though nothing less than a weapon would so elevate the man’s pulse. Omnissiah preserve, et al.

Capt. Strasser made inquiries with procurement specialist (hereafter designated “Shirley” for purpose of discretion). Shirley indicated such weapons were known to him, though so scarce that only a few were in trade—to a prominent pirate leader, no less—and thus he proved reluctant to renege on said transaction. Further financial incentive brought his assent to a scheme to appropriate one of these weapons in the midst of its transaction, taking place at the former location of Footfall.

Arrived in debris field formerly designated “Footfall.” Constructed replica from known images of weapon, & staged mock assault upon Shirley’s vessel. Breached cargo bay with explosives, engaged crew with boarding party, swapped replica rifle for the actual weapon, & blasted replica with “stray shots” to better disguise fraudulent nature. Took several heavy-stubber rounds to arm & chest in process; re-examined reasoning behind assisting Vorn in such pursuits.

Withdrew with weapon, laid low in system, & was picked up by Unrelenting Fury promptly 30.75 hours afterward. Retained weapon for disassembly & analysis before presenting it to Vorn. Construction of [REDACTED] shows promise for future projects, despite [REDACTED].

Resuming endeavors with potential for actual shareholder value, proceeded to estimated location of pre-Imperium station, designated AZN-D2. Outpost had drifted into interstellar void, tracked via astromantic calculation. Heavily damaged, without power or atmosphere, as ought to be expected. Boarding party proceeded unimpeded, seeking presumed command stations at center of structure. Revived a terminal from potential coils; ancient script proving troublesome but not indecipherable. Located nearby data-stacks, & restored power from a portable generator. Employed Rite of Unimpeded Passage against ancient security barriers, which yielded upon final iteration of Gotz Root Lol.

Data within most promising. Station an shipbuilding facility for engineering of novel battleship design, “Dreadnaught.” Archeotech design featured single large siege battery based on plasma projection. Logs indicated loss of connection to prototype ship during final attack on station; proceeded to construction bay. Flare launched into unlit bay came to rest against bulkhead, illuminating ancient script painted with these sigils: IOWA.

Those of you still equipped with organic backsides,
Commence holding on to them.



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