The Maiden Voyage

Maintenance Log Supplement 010

Where does he get such wonderful toys?

Acquired services of Mechanicus armorers for reproduction of Stixis-pattern plasma rifle. Expanding facilities on Ouroboros A706 (“Isembard”) for research & development. Initial resources for First Ouroboros enroute; inspected Valkyries acquired by Col. van Owen & found them generally adequate. Ordered upgraded weaponry for same.

Navigator Sithis assisted with interpretation of Liu Bu navigational data. Translated logs revealed last cargo of interest: focusing lens arrays suitable for large-scale energy weapons. Data pertaining to cargo destination recorded for navigational analysis.

Transit from Ouroboros to Reptar uneventful. First Ouroboros began landing operations, hamstrung by limited drop capacity from civilian freighter transport. Landing zone established, forces advanced toward central Rak’gol settlement. Moderate resistance encountered; Guardsmen performed remarkably despite noteworthy losses. Armored vehicles found to be in poor repair; Enginseer Prime required to supervise field litanies personally. Project 207 (“Mirabelle”) performed admirably, as expected.

Evidence indicates an unholy ritual carried out at center of Rak’gol army, the xenos sacrificing their own troops to summon demonic assistance. Massive creature appeared at the center of the xenos advance, beyond capacity of Guard forces to combat. Unplanned and likely not coincidental arrival of Inquisition voidship immediately followed. Inquisition deployed Astartes kill-team, which assaulted daemonic creature. Beast eventually vanquished with combined efforts of Unrelenting Fury’s officers, Astartes, and Guard HQ.

With Rak’gol forces in full rout, proceeded to central settlement. Radioactive contamination exceeding all previous estimates. Entered grounded xenos vessels with servitors and adepts in protective suits. Managed to decipher xenos controls by form and layout, scramming the foul reactors & significantly reducing ongoing emissions.

Thus we have captured a planet in the name of the Imperial Guard, requiring ongoing cleanup projects, with naught but a single macrocannon-shell foundry (presently at 67% functionality) for glory of Omnissiah, et al. Expect future endeavors to result in less glory, more profit. Time is of increasing import.

High-ranking Inquisitorial informant likely among ship’s officers. Plan accordingly.



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