The Maiden Voyage

Maintenance Log Supplement 008

The Code Duello Does Not Work That Way


Required new destination for supply & trade, with Footfall destroyed & Port Wander unsuitable. Put in at mining-colony station Lucin’s Breath.

Contacted Adeptus Mechanicus outpost, donating archeotech plasma rifles from Liu Bu for further glory of Omnissiah’s works. Also acquired translation services for files recovered from Liu Bu. Material quickly translated into several thousand sheets of hard-copy; will require extensive research & reference effort to gain anything of use. Captain Strasser & Navigator Primaris put considerable effort into staged blood-sports with lower ranks & captured beasts. A wasteful use of human bodies, but seemingly of net benefit to crew morale. Distribution of bloodsport recordings shows some small promise for enhanced shareholder value. Consequently acquired large numbers of local convicts—beyond normal press-gang quotas—including one ork which Captain & Master-at-Arms intend to arm & employ. Amount of trust given this xeno speaks poorly of their judgment, particularly when entrusted with watch duties, etc. Contingency planning appropriate.

According to local rumor, Imperial Navy purged pirate presence from Reptar-4. Decided to return to Reptar-5 to eradicate xenos presence, and secure resources of both systems for further shareholder value.

Voyage to Reptar-5 relatively uneventful. Planetary scans showed no signs of xenos occupation. Tether-station disabled by pirate fleet in previous engagement now in decaying solar orbit. Boarding party proceeded to xenos station despite significant gravitational hazard, seeking further intelligence. Station deserted as expected; Enginseer-Adept Orrin, in boarding party, recovered data from xenos cogitators indicating a successful Rak’gol exodus to Reptar-4.

Proceeded to scout Reptar-4. Discovered xenos fleet grounded on Reptar-4 II, ships used for colonial habitation. Xenos presence doubly unacceptable, as highly radioactive xenos ships reduce planet’s value in addition to costs of eradicating xenos presence. Based on observed numbers of ships, Master-at-Arms recommended a regiment-size force necessary to purge Rak-gol settlement. Departed for Ouroboros, in hopes of utilizing First Ouroborous Guard Regiment.

Enroute, Choir-Master Hadden raised alert of daemonic Warp presence aboard ship, within Navigator’s Spire. Missionary’s investigation of spire proved inconclusive; Astropath could no longer detect entity’s presence, & Navigator insisted all was under control. Current data worrying, but inconclusive; will maintain surveillance of this situation.

Socially welcomed by new-appointed commanding officer, Col. Lucian van Owen. Interfaced with regimental Tech-Priest of First Ouroboros, sharing several items of interest regarding local Guard presence. First Ouroboros being consistently deprived of supplies and skilled personnel, exacerbating lack of expertise among local command. Regiment wholly unsuited for offensive operations unless these deficits are remedied.

Further investigation revealed that supply requests are being re-routed by one General von Stein, staff officer on Port Wander. Suspected purely vindictive motives given common history; however, records indicate von Stein operating a graft scheme with Imperial Guard property. May wish to pursue further, though this necessitates travel to Port Wander itself.

Master-at-Arms relieved a local Guard officer of his leg, pursuant to some obscure dueling ritual involving Captain. Unknown whether this will affect shareholder value.



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