The Maiden Voyage

Maintenance Log Supplement 007

Xenos Horriblis


Touched down on Xerxes and proceeded to nearest xenos settlement. Attacked enroute by replilian fauna, driven off with no losses. Encountered xeno—presumed Eldar—outside the settlement. Clearly a primitive, posing little in the way of shareholder value. Diplomatic overtures with settlement inhabitants proved to be a waste of effort, and hostilities ensued. Xenos witch emerged from settlement, posing some danger to crew. Xenos defeated after brief firefight, witch included. Collected xenos artifacts from village, returned to ship.

Astropath Hadden acquired local crustacean fauna on return. Shows no potential for shareholder profit.

Astropath & Navigator Primaris Sithis established contact with xenos presence still inhabiting artifacts taken from their corpses. Surprisingly, able to communicate and even bargain with them. Presented plan to return to Xerxes orbit and make contact with non-primitive Eldar in hopes for exchange.

Subsequent negotiations also went quite poorly; returned soulstones to Eldar (as expected), forgoing their immense shareholder value as a gesture of generosity which did naught for the ensuing negotiation. Gained nothing but vague information on Necron invasion, and fresh barrage of intolerable xenos contempt. Left world empty-handed; may the filthy Xenos burn silently in the void.

Put forward plan to seek out lost human ships or expeditions in hopes of valuable technology or other resources; Master-at-Arms Vorn proposed a largely unexplored ship-graveyard called Processional of the Damned. Proceeded forth.

Processional is an accretion of uncountable ship debris. Scans indicated many semi- and largely intact vessels, a few with active emission signatures. On approach to debris field, a small, unrecognizable vessel activated engines on a collision vector. Its approach revealed a sort of tug or shuttle vehicle, with void-shields capable of repelling fire from defensive batteries. Engaged magnetic clamps on hull of Unrelenting Fury, and began a maneuvering burn. Experienced simultaneous electronic attacks on ship’s computer systems. Prepared extravehicular boarding party.

Breached hull of hostile ship with demolition charges, & proceeded inside. Uncrewed, yet built with obvious control surfaces. Attempts to deactivate or control the ship proved futile, its interfaces too unfamiliar for quick operation. Proceeded aft, identified the bulkhead of a fuel container, and placed demolition charges there. Subsequent detonation destroyed the strange ramming-ship, and no more emerged from the debris field.

A true hulk laid at debris field’s center: concatenation of countless vessels and fragments, with an active power source deep inside. Established a prospective route through the outer layers, and proceeded to board the hulk.

First hull uneventful. Second hull retained minimal power; computer interface revealed it to be a Rogue Trader’s vessel, also treasure hunting in the Processional, which fell victim to a similar ramming boat. Third hull a Rak’gol vessel.

Fourth hull most noteworthy. Emergency lights active, though damage reports revealed almost half the vessel had broken away. Ship of pre-Imperial human design. Data interface revealed this vessel (Liu Bu) dated from M05, a cargo ship with prototype technology. Cargo holds contained mundane goods—foodstuff, etc—but also located armory and captain’s cabin. Armory contained a stock of priceless archeotech relics (cf. inventory report 103759.A34). Defensive turret of advanced design also noted, though unable to be removed without extensive salvage operations. Recovered extensive navigation data from ship’s cogitators, and several personal effects from Captain’s quarters.

Next hull inward of cramped, alien design. Encountered signs of life aboard ship, though none engaged with boarding party. Posted sentries & proceeded further. This vessel physically docked with destination hull, a ship of primitive and unfamiliar design. Encountered increased radioactive emissions en route to engine decks. Inspection of engines revealed active warp core, whose immediate shutdown was strenuously recommended by Navigator Primaris. Hindered by unfamiliar language of computer systems; shutdown process interrupted by presence of hostile xenos, commonly termed “genestealers.”

Security force of heavy troopers, combat servitors sufficient to hold off first attack, with significant crew losses. Engine’s coolant system damaged by weapon fire in process. Evacuation from vessel doubly incentivized by xenos attacks and imminent reactor meltdown. Boarding party returned to Unrelenting Fury, sustaining tolerable amounts of radioactive exposure in process. Remind Twist-catchers to increase inspections for sickness & mutation among boarding troops.

Sweet and fitting it is
That xenos die for the Imperium



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