The Maiden Voyage

Maintenance Log Supplement 004

The Enemy of My Enemy Is No Less Annoying


Promoted Salvaging Enginseer’s Mate J. Wierzbowski to Maintenance Chief, 2nd Dorsal Sunsear Battery, for noteworthy performance in the recovery of cruiser Freefall.

Upon the disarmament of the Freefall’s scuttling charges, rec’d message from representative of House van Owen. Claimed that sabotage of Freefall was a “test,” & thanked us for disposing of the late Capt. van Owen. Incompetence won him no support among his own family, it seems, and his marooning on Ouroboros III was the deliberate consequence. House van Owen offered to bring Osprey crew onto its Warrant of Trade, funding the refit of Freefall as incentive.

Considering all options, elected to take their offer. Still no trust for this House; but will be in a better position to observe their structure & operations. House von Stein also understandably tepid in support for Osprey’s crew. Likely damned either way. Having accepted the offer, van Owen’s spy aboard ship revealed himself, taking up office of Rogue Trader’s Seneschal.

Allowed Master-At-Arms Vorn to assume captaincy of Osprey. May be forced to liquidate him in the future if blind aggressiveness proves a threat to the ship.

Continued refit and resupply at Footfall. Master Helmsman Decanus took unscheduled shore leave, as is his habit. Master Helmsman contacted ship six hours later, intoxicated and fleeing from local Arbites via stolen Arbites skimmer craft. Piloting performance significantly exceeds his judgment, fortunately. Well-placed bribes from Seneschal resulted in Arbites cancelling pursuit, & disposal of stolen skimmer at local criminal salvage facility.

Acquired one Valkyrie-class assault transport for planetary operations. Continued use of Thunderhawk for surface-to-surface transport & airborne fire support presents unnecessary wear and risk of a much more expensive asset. Previous operators of Valkyrie outfitted it with a number of ill-advised modifications, including [REDACTED]. Restricted junior enginseers from interfacing with Valkyrie’s Machine Spirit until further notice.

Proceeded to Ouroboros system, delivering colonists & advisers for further development & re-indoctrination. Progress satisfactory.

Continued to unsurveyed system Reptar-4. Scans upon arrival revealed significant numbers of human ships, wrecks, and orbital repair facilities. Hailed by local pirate representative, identified as belonging to pirate fleet of one “Faceless Lord.” Usefully, Master-At-Arms Vorn is known to Faceless Lord’s admiral, in good standing. Unsurprisingly, Faceless Lord claims Repton-4, severely limiting profitable opportunities there.

Proceeded to Repton-5 upon suggestion of local pirates. Repton-5 is a late-stage red giant (cf. survey report 127-D), its planets irradiated & in decaying orbits. Fifth planet occupied by Rak’gol xenos, possessing subterranean settlements & shielded orbital facilities.

Faceless Lord plans assault on Repton-5, with Rak’gol threatening expansion into Repton-4, presumably in hopes of avoiding solar extinction. Contact with Faceless Lord presents some opportunity for profit in assisting with this invasion; though value of presumed xenotech salvage is as yet uncertain. Perhaps a more profitable alternative exists.



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