The Maiden Voyage

After Action Report


Team dropped 20 miles from Paladius facility, no evidence of detection. Surmised that Paladius deemed advanced defenses unnecessary. Perimeter turrets disabled without incident, no alarm raised. Infiltrated main building via habitation block 3, eliminated several guards, no alarm raised.

Team goes loud when greater resistance is encountered on second floor of main building, enemy personnel in base neutralized without team casualties, no sign of Paladius. Main control room found, along with command elements. Command element neutralized along with squad. Techmarine Marcus uses base security net to locate Paladius at dig site, took control of perimeter turrets to neutralize several guards. Team en route to dig site.

Team mops up remaining enemy personnel, Paladius flees into the mines. Team pursues to deepest level, encounters structure of possible xeno origin. Corner Paladius in structure, take him into custody. It seemed that he was attempting to use the objective to “activate” something.

(Later interrogation of Paladius confirms that the Artifact was of xenos origin. Further study of the Structure revealed that both it and the Artifact are very similar in composition and construction, which is in line with !DATA EXPUNGED!. The Artifact failed to initialize because it and the Structure are incompatible, perhaps this Artifact is keyed to a specific Structure?)

Mechanicus strike team detected en route to the dig site, ambushed and eliminated by Team. Mechanicus Dropship also destroyed. Team reaches extraction point with both the Artifact and Paladius. Base is destroyed with orbital fire, eliminating all evidence of Team’s presence.

Report Total Mission Success.



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