Enock Septimatus



Origin Path
Void Born / Scapegrace / Renegade / Calamity / Vengeance


WS BS Str T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45 45 45 55 35 63 40 55 20

Wounds 12
Insanity 19
Corruption 14

Origin Path Traits/Talents
Void Accustomed
Enemy (Adeptus Arbites)
Resistance (Interrogation)
Light Sleeper
Nerves of Steel
Hatred (van Owens)
Mechanicus Implants

Basic/Melee Weapons Training
Logis Implant
Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
Mechadendrite Use (Weapon)
Ferric Lure
Technical Knock
Binary Chatter
Chem Gelded
Electro Graft Use
Luminen Charge
Luminen Blast
Total Recall
Talented (Tech-Use)
Machinator Array
The Flesh Is Weak 1
Sound Constitution x2

Mind Impulse Unit
Bionic Locomotion

Gear and Possessions
Storm Trooper Carapace
Omnissian Axe (Hieronymus)
Manipulator Mechadendrite
Optical Mechadendrite
Medical Mechadendrite
Storm Bolter Zhukov
Calpurnia (servo skull)
Richard (servo skull)
Vorn (servo skull)
Romulus-pattern autogun
Remus-pattern autogun
Hellgun (good qual.)
Spiro-pattern Scout Bike (“Mirabelle”)


Her hull is my skin, her groaning beams my bones
The fires of her heart sustain me;
Nameless organs we are of this sacred vessel,
Finest creation of the Omnissiah!

Enock no longer remembers what name he was born with, or that of the ship on which he lived. From his earliest years he was a deck rat, one of countless urchins among the populace that lived and died aboard ships of the Imperium. Like many others, he took to exploring the labyrinthine ducts and crawlspaces of the ship. He survived this way for years, eventually coming to the attention of a man he only ever knew as “the Chief.” The Chief used such deck rats for errands throughout the ship, paying them to go into spaces too cramped for full-grown crewmen.

Perhaps his potential drew the Chief’s particular attention; or perhaps it was just luck of the draw. But one day, he and a dozen other youths were herded onto a shuttle and taken planet-side for the first time in his life. This was a Forge World, and the adolescents had been conscripted into the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Here Enock was given a name, and an opportunity to prove himself. He flourished in his lessons, rising over the years to become a novice of the order. After a pilgrimage to Mars, he was made apprentice to a techpriest aboard the warship Lady of Wrath.

His duties in the bowels of the ship allowed him no knowledge of her travels, or the decisions of her commanders. All he knew was that one day they entered battle, and the ship endured terrible damage. Fire raged on some decks, and others vented into space. While some crew fled to escape boats, Techpriest Hieronymus stayed at his station, overseeing the damage-control efforts of his subordinates and servitors. While his efforts saved the ship, they also cost him his life, as a series of secondary explosions breached the hull and sent Hieronymus into the void.

Enock would only learn of this months later. He had barely managed to preserve the atmosphere of a small section of the ship. He worked for days and nights to preserve air and power, keeping the few systems available to him functioning. He ate rats, and slept on bare steel decks. Almost a week later the ship was re-boarded, and hauled back to dock. One of only a few dozen survivors aboard, Enock was taken to interrogation, where he would slowly piece together what had happened to the Lady of Wrath. The glory-seeking captain had taken his ship out of formation, then abandoned it in a panic as it began to take fire. When—contrary to his expectations—the ship had survived in reparable condition, he boarded and re-assumed command. To save his reputation and that of his noble family, his official report declared that incompetence and mutiny among his crew had cost him the battle. Most of the survivors were executed to preserve this fiction. The captain, Ferdinand van Owen, eventually realized his life’s ambition with a Warrant of Trade that secured wealth and prestige for his bloodline.

Enock would spend the next several years avoiding Arbites, staying just ahead of accusations of disloyalty or insubordination. His skills have earned him temporary position on several ships, following the path of the Machine Cult from planet to planet. Now it seems he has been given a most precious opportunity: a berth on the ship of a Rogue Trader.

A chance to make a ship his own, to shepherd it safely through the Void.

A chance to go far beyond the reach of the van Owens and their Arbites lackeys.

A chance, perhaps, for his ultimate revenge against the man who betrayed the Machine Spirit of his ship to save his own worthless life.

Enock Septimatus

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